Eric Hammerin - a presentation of myself.

  Most people probably know me as a photographer Eric Hammerin, the lecturer and slide show presenter who has Erics Photo studio in Hassleholm. But the fact is I paint, too. Already in the late 70's / early 80's, I exhibited my paintings which became very well liked and sold quickly. Then I got some "real" jobs, both work as a teacher in art and art history in high school until 1988 and also at a post office until 2000. Photography gradually grew to take over more and more of my artistic or creative side, but since a few years ago I'm an active painting artist again and the motifs are many.

Why do I paint? Why can't I just stick to photography and be happy with that? The answer is simple. Not everything that you have in your head ( or wherever it is ) can be photographed. Ideas about stuff that doesn't exist in the daily physical reality get a chance when the brushes are released on the canvas. I think Odin's eye and mathematical abstractions fit best and can be best expressed in the form of painted art ... at least if I am to do it.


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