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Photo: © Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful pictures of nature and culture from different countries in the world.
Right now it's limited to Nepal and California.

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Some pictures from Nepal ...

rhododendron forest

Mt. Dhaulagiri 859515  ©


Bodnath stupa 856911 ©


Machhapuchhare 859518 ©


The scenery in California
is very impressive.

Joshua tree nat. mon.
Death valley
Zabriskie point
ancient bristlecone pine
Devils post pile basalt rods
John Muir redwood
Yosemite national park
forest fire
Golden gate bridge

California outside Palm Springs 000129CA.©


California Joshua trees 000413CA ©


California Joshua tree 000601CA ©


California Death valley Zabriskie point 001103CA ©


California straight road and mountains 001409CA ©


California ancient bristlecone pines 002026CA ©


California ancient bristlecone pines Inyo mtns 002123CA ©


California Devil's post pile 002336CA ©


California desert and snowy mountains 002506CA ©


California Yosemite after forest fire 002840CA ©


California John Muir redwood park 002941CA ©


California Golden gate bridge 003106CA ©


California Golden gate bridge 003123CA ©



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