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GALLERY - INDIA Photo: Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful pictures of nature and culture in India.

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India Agra Taj Mahal 002405 ©



India Bharatpur sarus cranes 004329 ©


India holy man sadhu 002923 ©



India Jaipur Palace of the winds 005224 ©


India women at Agra fort 003116 ©



India mural 005818 ©


India woman and mural 005041 ©



India bus in Calcutta ©


India Oxcart-1 ©



Dwarka temple 860224bw ©


Jaisalmer 860714bw ©



Jodhpur Meherangarh fort 860536bw ©


Palitana temples 860204bw ©



Pushkar horse 860814bw_toned ©



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