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Gallery with photo art   ERIC HAMMERIN
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Photo art and images of high quality. Beautiful photos of interesting motifs.

WELCOME ! Link to art gallery Eye1 - The eye of Odin


I suppose you agree that at least some of the images on these pages deserve to be shown a little extra. Some are straight-forward and regular photos while others are creative and/or artistic alterations based on photos.
Anyway, these images might fit in many different places and situations. As presents, maybe?

Please note! These are no posters, but real photographic enlargements made from top quality material.
The pictures can be ordered in various sizes.
Please refer to the price list below.
You may also check out i1 image bank if you are searching for a particular picture.

Mail me if you can't find the picture or information you are looking for.

All images on this website are ©Eric Hammerin.
All rights reserved.

! Naturally, the copyright script is very discrete in the actual prints you get, not at all like in many of the web pictures.
In the prints it's like a signature.


Pictures on this site are taken using Nikon Olympus Fuji Hasselblad and Sigma equipment.


Price list, terms and conditions. Return to selection list

The images can be bought in various sizes.
Prices below are for the pictures only, i.e. without frame, passe-partout/matte or other extras, but it does include packaging materials and anything necessary for shipping it safely according to my discretion.

All prices are shown both in Swedish crowns and euros. Sales tax and regular first class postage within Sweden is also included in the SEK prices. For shipment outside Sweden additional postage is included in the €uro prices.

You can pay through PayPal, which usually is quick and simple.
Credit card payment is currently not available, but is planned.

Standard size pictures 15 x 20cm 18 x 24cm 21 x 30cm 24 x 30cm 30 x 40cm 50 x 70cm
SEK 500.-
SEK 600.-
SEK 700.-
SEK 750.-
SEK 900.-
SEK 1.250.-


Panorama images standard sizes

15 x 40cm 18 x 50cm 20 x 60cm 24 x 70cm 30 x 90cm
SEK 600.-
SEK 700.-
SEK 800.-
SEK 900.-
SEK 1.250.-


You can get most pictures in any size (with some exceptions). For price refer to nearest larger size.

A lot of people like to mount their pictures in a matte / passe-partout. Consider the final size of the frame when you order the picture so that you don't end up with something considerably bigger than you planned to have. Allow 5 to 10 cms of matte on each side of a 24x30 or 30x40 cm picture.

Byuing a picture gives you the right to look at it, admire it, and display it to others in your home or office.
Buying a picture does not give you any right to copy, reproduce and / or distribute it. Any such use is expressly prohibited according to international copyright laws. For any use besides personal use, I kindly advice you to check out terms and conditions in i1 image bank / stock photos.
Please respect my legal rights and I will be happy to serve you.


Orders are accepted through: tel. +46 - 451 - 145 15
letter (address on top)


Link to art gallery Eye1 - The eye of Odin. Check it out for oil paintings, paintings of ancient
rock carvings and more. Very nice indeed!