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GALLERY - PHILIPPINES Photo: Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful pictures of nature and culture in the Philippines.

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Ati-atihan in Kalibo 920820NEG  ©


Boracay sailboat 935404 ©


Philippines shells 912437 ©


Philippines two girls 932633 ©


Philippines motor bike FIL2C-4 ©


Philippines Calamian FIL2B-33 ©


Philippines crucifixion 992037b  ©


Philippines birds Mindanao  FIL2B-11  ©


Philippines Boracay 935402  ©


Philippines Mindanao 946310  ©


Philippines Banaue Rice terasses FIL1A-46  ©


Philippines Boracay FIL2D-7  ©



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