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Photo: © Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful pictures of nature and culture in Skane / Scania province in southern Sweden.

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Brosarp hills S11A30 ©


Poppies S12A21 ©


Women in traditional dress S12A34 ©


Ballingstorp 17th century house S22D41©


Ballingstorp 17th century house aerial photo S22B39 ©


Dandelion field S11A35 ©


Folk dance S12B32 ©


Havang cromlech with hand from ancient times S21A19 ©


River meandrering S21B06 ©


Yellow dog roses S991934 ©


Spider in web with dew drops S22A11 ©


Church frecso from Hjarsas  S990939 ©


Hjarsas fresco altered S990901 ©


Half-timbered house S990702x2 ©


Saint Peters keys orchid S000620 ©


Harvesting time S12C57 ©


Dandelion ball S11C37 ©


The stones of Ale stone ship SPA07 ©


Spring flowers SPA48 ©


Frozen leaf SPA62 ©


Sea gulls SPB63 ©


Skane-aquarell-1-S11A39 ©




You can book Eric Hammerin to be your guide in Scania when you want to sample the very best of the province.



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