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GALLERY - UNDERWATER U/W Photo: Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful underwater pictures from Skane Scania and Bohuslan on the west coast of Sweden.

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Red pillow starfish 960842 © www.erichammerin.com


Crab S983436 © www.erichammerin.com


Simpa S983426 © www.erichammerin.com


Stinging jellyfish 960532 © www.erichammerin.com


Crab 960839 © www.erichammerin.com


Algae leaf S983528 © www.erichammerin.com


Red sun starfish S983403 © www.erichammerin.com


Comb jellyfish S11B67 © www.erichammerin.com


Sea anemone S11A66 © www.erichammerin.com


Sea urchins 960515 © www.erichammerin.com




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