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Photo: Eric Hammerin

Artistic and beautiful pictures of nature and culture from Bohuslan on the west coast of Sweden.

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Seagull © www.erichammerin.com


Jellyfish © www.erichammerin.com


Shrimps 011235 © www.erichammerin.com


Sailing ship at Lilla Bommen, Gothenburg © www.erichammerin.com


Marstrand house sailboats bridge 961614 © www.erichammerin.com


Mollosund harbour boats houses 971317 © www.erichammerin.com


Mollosund house flowers 971329 © www.erichammerin.com


Mollosund strait people boats 971420 © www.erichammerin.com


Svenneby church 961221 © www.erichammerin.com


Tjurpannan stone pile grass stony landscape heather 960936 © www.erichammerin.com


Weather islands sailboat 960427 © www.erichammerin.com


Jellyfish 960916b © www.erichammerin.com


Tanumshede rock carving 991035 © www.erichammerin.com


Tanumshede Vitlycke rock carving 971027 © www.erichammerin.com



A crack in the egg of time. © www.erichammerin.com


Rock carving in space 1. © www.erichammerin.com



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