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Communication is the transfer of ideas between people.
Art is communication and good art is good communication.
Not everyone speaks the same language ... nor understands art in the same way.

* Fibonacci.

Leonardo Fibonacci was an italian monk in the 14th century who discovered a key to nature's own matrix for development. Well ... not everything develops according to the same model, but quite a lot can actually fit into the number series which has come to bear his name and it's basically very simple. One original thing is followed by or causes another identical thing. And from then on you proceed by adding the two latest numbers to get the next. One plus one equals two. Then one plus two equals three. Two plus three equals five. Three plus five equals eight. Five plus eight equals thirteen. Eight plus thirteen equals twentyone. Yes, just add the two latest numbers to get the next in the series. Very simple and very often used by nature. If you try to find a median value you will discover that every second number is more than 1,6180339... and every other second number is below it, but the longer you keep calculating, the closer you get to the ideal mean. The value is never-ending, i.e. as far as is known, it never totals up nicely to end the number series. However, nature never uses anything but real numbers. You will find numbers close to 1,618 in many proportions in living organisms. It's truly fascinating to study how this number sequence appears in unexpected contexts.
1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181
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* Pi.

To compute the circumference of a circle we use the unending number pi which is usually used by its approximate value 3,14. The circumference of a circle equals the diameter ( = the distance across a circle to its opposite edges measured over its centre ) times pi and is impossible to compute exactly because pi has no known end.
But ... if you were to compute the circumference of the known universe with thirty decimals to pi, you would end up being correct to within a few inches. Totally amazing! Pi has so far been calculated up to over 51 million decimals ... yes, for what purpose you may wonder.
Link to page with pi including its first 10.000 decimals


* The Edda - ancient nordic mythology.

The ancient nordic mythology has several characteristics and is often written in a concise language. The texts are often about fighters and glory, courage and betrayal. Maybe the most intresting text ( from my point of view) is that of the mystic woman shaman, the Volva, who presents a mysterious tale about the history of the world ... well, possibly even of the universe! ... from the misty eons before anything existed until what we can expect after the end of everything and the re-start of life or existence thereafter.





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