Some facts and information about rock carvings

Swedish rock carving  depicting boats © Eric Hammerin

Scandinavian rock carvings are usually dated to the bronze age, i.e. to the period c:a 1800 - 500 B.C. In our time, we don't really know why the rock carvings were made, nor what they were supposed to mean or symbolize. We assume they depict special events or even ceremonies. Maybe someone could be honoured with a rock carving if one achieved something very meaningful or grand?

The bronze age was a cultural high period in the history of Scandinavia. The climate was about the same as you will find today in the Mediterranean area. There are also scientists today holding the opinion that at least some of the rock carvings depict traders and merchant ships from the eastern Mediterranean areas who came to trade with us northern dwellers. True or false ...?
Rock carvings are found primarily in Bohuslan, i.e. the Swedish west coast and also up into the areas of southern Norway, but also in a number of other areas in Sweden.

The rock carvings are made in different styles. It depends on who has made them and there are time related variances, too. Regional differences are also apparent.



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